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Western Pacific Islands Sinking Ever Faster Beneath the Rising Seas

Nahlapenlohd Island And Dozens More Are Gone For Good As The Rate of Upsurging Seas Accelerates A new report published in this year’s Journal of Coastal Conservation confirms that the island chains of Micronesia and the Solomon Islands are rapidly … Continue reading

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Lighting Elephants on Fire and Having a Great Time Doing It

Villagers Merrily Toss Flaming Tar Balls and Firecrackers At Elephants Here in East India, elephants appear to be in the way of something humans like to call civilization: what could be more civilized than this?  The text below is taken from … Continue reading

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Intensifying Antarctic Winds Blow No Good For Humankind

The Totten Glacier in East Antarctica Locks Up 11+ Feet of Sea Level Rise. The Ice Shelf That Holds It Back Is Melting From Below. The huge Totten Glacier is accelerating its advance as powerful South Ocean surface winds drive … Continue reading

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