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Micro Air Vehicles Are In the Testing Phase, and Then comes the Scary Part

Insect Drones Are Watching You
New generation of drones will look like insects and birds. Then, they will be cyborg insects and birds.[ Watch a promotional video from an Air Force Contractor Here]While the national discourse, such as it is, focuses on whether the president is allowed to target and kill terrorists from his SmartPhone, Micro Air Vehicles are being developed that are essentially bot insects and birds. Whereas the traditional predator drone of four rotor copter surveillance models are likely to attract some attention, these little critters are all but indistinguishable from the real thing.Insect Drones Are Watching You

Of course, real may be relative in terms of what’s coming next. These little flying bird and insect robots have one drawback and that’s power. While miniature cameras are no problem, tiny batteries still don’t have the staying power that an insect drone needs for an overnight stakeout.

The solution is cyborg insects, which is to say, real living insects whose little brains have been wired and have somehow been convinced to carry tiny cameras. If you think this is a joke, think again. Perhaps you have noticed that the gap between “science fiction” and your everyday life is closing fast.

The only advice we can give you at this point, Mapsters, is: keep your nose clean and carry a big fly swatter.


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