OMG! OMG! OMG! Will Tiger Survive?

Tiger Woods Drops His Ball Incorrectly! Is This a Living Metaphor For An Era That Will See The Last of the Big Cats? Or Just Pathetic…

Tiger Woods Is Not Endangered
Left: the results of the global poaching epidemic. Right: Tiger Woods drops a ball. Which is newsworthy?No matter where you might have been on the planet this weekend, dear Mapsters, we bet there was in depth coverage of something incredibly important that happened on some golf course. Something so big that it could change the entire course of this Masters Tournament. Somewhere, someone in front a television set, someone with a commitment to the integrity of the world’s dumbest game, e-mailed the masters of golf – the Golf Police if you will – about Tiger Woods dropping a ball the wrong way. Or in the wrong place.It is appropriate that as this world changing event was taking place, the last few thousand tigers remaining in the world are being hunted down and killed. The worldwide epidemic of poaching (and big game hunters too) is decimating the tiger population as fast as it is wiping out the last of the planet’s elephants. Did you see anything on TV about it? Unlikely. We thrive on reality shows and celebrity drama – perhaps because the real reality of it is too horrifying.

Be brave in the face of your adversity, Tiger, and putt well lest you too become extinct.


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