Remember Their Faces: Markwayne Mullin (R) Oklahoma Wants Us To “Pat Exxon On The Back” For Its Excellent Oil Spill

The Competition To Be The Biggest Right Wing, Oil Company Ass Kissing Psychopath in Oklahoma Is Fierce, But Markwayne “Is That Really Your Name” Mullin Takes the Honors This Week

Markwayne Mullin Oklahoma
The Remember Their Faces series is rendered as a public service to CatMapsters who want to remember the criminals who assist the plundering classes in the destruction of the planet.

In early April, an old and neglected Exxon pipeline carrying nasty tar sands bitumen (for which it was never designed) burst in Mayflower, AR, spewing hundreds of thousands of gallons of its oily seed into the neighborhood and waterways. The oil company, which has yet to pay for its fine work in Prince William Sound, AK went immediately into coverup mode, implementing a no fly zone, hiring local law enforcement to intimidate journalists and engaging in mysterious activities that contradict their official statements. Thirty-two homes were evacuated and the damage to wildlife and waterways will take a long time to assess. Exxon will do everything in its power to prevent a meaningful investigation. Here, as in Louisiana, Local authorities seem to be an extension of the oil company.

Because Congress sometimes pretends to provide oversight over this sort of awkward situation, public hearings have begun in Washington. to get to the bottom of the spill. Into the fray jumps a cat name of Markwaye Mullin who is offended by the mean spirited tone of the investigation. Markwayne, who is limited to living in about a dozen states with that name, voiced his dismay that everyone was making such a “big deal” out of the spill. Mullin further mused that he thought Exxon should be “patted on the back” for the way they have handled things.

Markwayne Mullin Oklahoma

All together now: ‘THANK YOU EXXON!!!!!!!!”

These will be followed by a multi year INVESTIGATION. Nothing makes Exxon, which made $45 billion in profits last year and has a market cap of $386 billion (considerably more than the GNP of many European nations), tremble in its oily boots than an INVESTIGATION.


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