Fukushima Nuke Making Radioactive Water Faster Than Tepco Can Build New Leaky Tanks

Radioactive Groundwater Is Building Up Faster Than TEPCO Can Build Temporary Storage Tanks | The Underground Pits Are Already Leaking

Radioactive Water Tanks At Fukushima PlantUnable to Dump Contaminated Water Into the Pacific (Like they Did Before) TEPCO is Starting To Panic and Whine Simultaneously

TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) has proven itself both untruthful and incompetent, but that didn’t stop the Japanese government from letting them run the clean up on the broke down nukes at Daiichi, site of the second largest nuclear disaster in history and still possibly going for number one. And because these arrogant pricks didn’t want any outside experts on the case, they have come up with another lurking disaster that may well rival the triple meltdown two years ago. Only a few weeks after several cheep storage wells began to leak, TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) finally reports that the plant is essentially manufacturing new radioactive water faster than the geniuses at the power company can build new leaking tanks. This is for the simple reason that groundwater from the mountains is flowing through the highly contaminated reactors and coming out the other side as waste water full of strontium 90 and other unhealthy stuff. At the moment, the nuclear experts are pumping the water into a tank farm that now covers 42 acres of former lawns and parking lots. But that isn’t going to be enough, based on the simple calculation that more water is flowing in than there are places to put it.

After the original disaster in 2011, TEPCO simply dumped the radioactive water into the Pacific. It turns out now that the Japanese people object to that idea and the outcry is preventing Tepco from doing it again…at least officially. Others who should object are those living on the west coast of North America, where the signs of radioactive contamination are beginning to be noted with disapproval. For example, the carcass of a sea lion found on the beach at Laguna Beach showed extraordinary levels of radiation in the hearth and liver. Could have been anything.

Radioactive Sea Lion

The new plan is to cut down another forest on the nuke campus and begin building more tanks there. Will they keep building tanks? At some point that’s going to get expensive. We are unable to predict anything regarding how that might end. Could all of Japan be one storage depot for radioactive water? We’ll just have to wait and see. Things that were unimaginable ten years ago are commonplace now.

Let’s hope there are no more earthquakes for a while.




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