More Tremors As Assumption Parish Sinkhole Acreage Exceeds Superdome Area

If You Wanted To Drop the Superdome Into the Bayou Corne Sinkhole, Now You Could | 350 Exiles Are Homeless As Nine Months Tick By

Superdome now fits in the sinkholeAs we pass through the first nine months of the Bayou Corne, Louisiana fiasco, the toxic, bubbling slurping monster continues to cause new tremors* and no one who used to live there is going home anytime soon, or (most likely) anytime ever. However, since you are unlikely to hear anything about the sinkhole on your news broadcast (Anderson Cooper is keeping you up on the Jodi Arias murder trial and he only has so much time to devote to journalism – the rest goes to being a cute guy), we wanted to celebrate the occasion by providing a bit of perspective in terms of scale. The last time the sinkhole ate more of the Louisiana forest was in mid-April, at which time three more acres were swallowed. This brought the total to 15.2 acres in all…but what does this really mean? In addition to the fact that the national news media is FUBAR, the fact is that the sinkhole as a visual experience has been a disappointment.What we mean to say is: here is a another major screwup on the part of the petro-gas-chemical axis, in which an underground salt dome cavern was used as an personal storage depot by the Texas Brine, LCC folks. But then they broke it, and all hell broke loose. The problems is, it doesn’t look that bad on the surface, so how are you going to compete with the Voice?

In the photos, one does not see the the bubbling of the surface or smell the intense and sometimes poisonous odor of hydrogen sulfide and other hydrocarbons in the area. Aerial photos and videos don’t seem to provide the impact that the media needs to keep the ratings up. So consider this: at 15.2 acres, the sinkhole is now big enough to swallow the Louisiana Superdome, the pleasure palace 70 miles east in the pleasure seeking metropolis of a state so laid back the inhabitants would rather have a crab boil than take on their corporate masters.**

Laissez les bons temps rouler, y’all.

For the full story of what happened here, please visit the CatMap.

*About 50 per day, in an area once virtually free of seismic activity
**We hope this doesn’t sound too judgmental.




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