Keep Drillin’ Boys! Atmospheric Carbon Levels Reach 400 PPM As Global Hydrocarbon PLUNDER-AMA Gathers Momentun

Given a Paradise, We Create A Barren, Degraded Hell Hole On Earth

Creating hell on earth

As the global drilling, mining and extraction accelerates, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that the daily average concentration of CO2 has crossed the 400 parts per million threshold for the first time. The average concentration of carbon dioxide prior to the industrial revolution was 280 PPM. The figure has been rising since then, at first steadily, and now rapidly. Warnings from scientists are growing ever more urgent.

To show we are objective, we will express our agreement with one of the main blither points of skeptic, which is that climate changes are cyclical. This is also true of carbon levels in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, this is a very long cycle, and the last time CO2 concentration reached this level was about 3 million years ago in the Pliocene epoch. One of the differences between the Pliocent and the Anthropocene* is that the seas were anywhere from 60 to 80 feet higher. For the last 800,000 years, level varies between 180 and 280 parts per million. By the late 1950′s, the levels had risen to about 315 ppm, which suggests, which implies, which more or less confirms that CO2 levels are now rising precipitously. There are virtually no scientists not on the payroll of the oil, gas and mining interests who do not believe the shit is hitting the fan as we speak.

Quoted in the New York Times, geochemist Mark Pagani said “I feel like the time to do something was yesterday.”

In response, Republicans on the payrolls of the usual petro interests block even the smallest measure to begin reigning in our addiction to hydrocarbons in every phase of our lives. Saving the human species, it seems, would cost too many jobs. Between the Christians who don’t think God will destroy the world until he’s ready**

The onslaught of global warming is going to be unlike what the majority of people think it is going to be like. It is not in the future it is in the now.

**And there is no more evidence for the fact that he is not ready than there is for his existence in the first place.


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