Kardashian Gives Birth! Chemical Explosions Replace the Star In the East

18 People Now Dead As Chemical Plant Blasts Spoil Kim Kardashian’s Miracle

38 dead in chemical plant blasts

Millions of babies are born each day, but when one of them is Kim’s it somehow seems special

JUNE 15, CANCER ALLEY, LA, in Donaldsonville a few miles away in the same parish at a chemical facility owned by CF Industries. 1 Dead, 7 injured.

JUNE 13, CANCER ALLEY, LA: in Geismar, a chemical plant owned by Williams Cos. Inc. blew up and killed. 2 Dead, 75 injured.

APRIL 18, WEST, TEXAS: 15 people died and over 200 were injured as a chemical fertilizer plant went sky high. The source of the explosion was ammonium nitrate, the same stuff that was in the 1995 Oklahoma City domestic terrorist bomb. But it was a hundred times more powerful.

In a bit of dark irony, FEMA, the federal disaster mitigation agency, has denied the town’s request for federal funding to repair the infrastructure damaged by the blast. But there is also dark justice in the denial, as the government and people of Texas and Louisiana are quite vocal in their disdain for safety regulation or any regulation. That’s OK. It’s your lives that are being lost and the rest of the country needs the money to subsidize oil and agricultural interests.

These sites are only a few miles from the Bayou Corne sinkhole, a toxic petroleum industry screw up that has been continuing for nine months.

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