Canadian Train Wreck Causes Lethal Crude Oil Fireball

Petro Blast and Explosion as Runaway Pressurized Petroleum Train Plows Into Lac-Megantic, Quebec

Tanker train explosion Quebec

Canada’s second railway incident involving crude oil transportation in a week.

At least fifteen people are dead in eastern Quebec July 6 as a runaway tanker train carrying crude oil plowed driverless into the town of Lac-Megantic. The train derailed and several tanker cars exploded, igniting buildings in the town of about 6,000 and causing the evacuation of about 2,000. The historic town center was incinerated. The train carried pressurized crude oil from the booming oil fields of Bakken, ND.

In addition to the dead, another 40 are missing. The transportation authorities are investigating, of course, as to why the driverless train made its way into the town and blew up. But we regard this incident as another example – and there have been a lot of deadly explosions lately- of the global uptick in disaters involving hydrocarbons of every type. These are not accidents or natural disasters. They are almost without exception screw ups on the part of petroleum interests, usually involving negligence or lack of interest in spending money on maintenance.

The petroleum interests pay spokes models a lot of money to reassure us that what we can see is happening, is not really happening. Another petro train went off the rails in Calgary in June during record breaking Alberta flooding.

Visit the Petrochemcial Screwups Map to gain additional perspective.

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