Record Breaking Floods and WildFires In Far East Russia | 2013

‘This water level has never been reported in the history of Komsomolsk’
Russia Floods 2013

Flooding In Russia’s Far East Has Already Cost Over $1 Billion
In late August and early Sept 2013 the far eastern region of Russia has been hit by the worst flooding in history. According to the Ministry of Transport, more than 100,000 people have suffered property damage, 36, 000 have been evacuated and 71 bridges have been destroyed by the Amur River. The crisis is so bad that Vladmir Putin flew out to the region to look over the damage and threaten local authorities for poor performance. We don’t exactly know how well the authorities performed, but holding them responsible for the floods seems bizarre even for the V. man. We think something bigger might be going on.

At the same time, multiple forest fires are burning in the Siberian republic of Buryatia.  covering an area of over 125 acres. The fires are driven by record temperatures and high winds.

Record 2013 Floods

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