Rosia Montana Will Be Mine All Mine

Romanian Town Points To Past Environmental Atrocities As It Protests A Mine That Will Destroy ItRosia Montana Mine

Our Lady of The Sludge in Geamana, Romania: This church and the rest of the town that used to be there is submerged in a lake of toxic mine waste from a government copper mine
A Canadian Gold Mining Company has plans to exploit the largest gold reserves in Romania, and the people who live there are probably screwed. Just ask the folks who used to live in the former town of Geamana, which no longer exists on the map. In spite of the odds against them, tens of thousands of people are protesting in Bucharest and in cities around the world in an effort to fight government efforts to throw them out of their ancestral homes for the purpose of building a monumental gold mine where they live. Most families in these parts have lived in the same town for centuries.

On August 27, the Romanian legislature attempted pass a law that would give extraordinary (and illegal) powers to Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, a holding group for Gabriel Resources and the Romanian Government. The mining company would have the power to relocate people as it chooses and grants permits automatically in an effort to override lawsuits and procedures. Gold Corporation plans to build Europe’s largest gold mine at Rosia Montana to extract 300 ton sof gold and 1,600 tons of silver over the course of 17 years. The operation would involve the destruction of three villages and four mountains. Gabriel Resources reaps most of the profits, with about 20% going to the Romanian Government and whomever in the Romanian Government might benefit from such a large transaction. The people of Rosia Montana might get some jobs, but they won’t be able to live in their town anymore because, like Geamana, it will be gone.

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