Remember Their Faces: PM Tony Abbott Moves Backward As Australia Burns

Scientists Push Back As Prime Minister Denies What Is Happening All Around Him

Australia burns“Climate science is absolute crap” – Tony Abbott

It’s not that anyone thinks Australia has ever had an ideal climate or that the catastrophic wildfires burning for weeks are anything new. It’s that the sum total of disastrous and deadly weather over the course of the past decades is unprecedented and widely regarded by scientists as a harbinger of the future. But the industrialists who profit from pollution and the politicians they purchase like things the way they are.

Now comes the right* honorable Tony Abbott, conservative* prime minister deluxe, who ran on a platform of ending the carbon tax that has resulted in significantly reducing Australia’s fossil fuel emissions. Rather than have the polluting industries pay the government for poisoning the air, the new plan is to have the taxpayers pay the polluters for reducing their emissions. All voluntary, of course. Mr. Abbott is a blithering climate change denier, and says exactly the same things as the blither climate change deniers in America. That’s because the money and the talking points come from the same source.

Australia burns

There are those that disagree with Tony, among them people familiar with stuff like climate science. The UN’s Christiana Figueres, for example, says that there is not only a link between climate change and Australia’s more frequent heat attacks, but the Tony can expect to pay a high political and financial price for its decision to eliminate the existing carbon tax. So somebody is mistaken.

Here is a snapshot of Australia’s problems in past few years, all of which can be prefaced with the term “unprecedented.”

  • Oct 2013: Unprecedented wildfires in Blue Mountains near Sydney as NSW declares a state of emergencey
  • Jan 2013: Unpredecented heat wave and wildfires. New category added for heat index as temps hit 113F (45c)
  • Apr 2010: Unprecedented floods in NSW
  • Feb 2009: Unprecedented firestorms outran fleeing cars, leaving hundreds of charred bodies in their wake. 60-mph winds, record heat and drought that caught even fire-savvy Australians by surprise. Hundreds of homes were destroyed and 5,000 were left homeless in Victoria, making the worst wildfires in a nation used to horrendous wildfires.
  • 2000 – 2010: Unprecedented drought in most of the country

    The long hot summer is yet to come. Remember Mr. Abbott.

    For a global perspective on the effects of climate destabilization, visit the CatMap Climate Change Map

    *very right
    **In Australia, right wing conservatives are in the Liberal party, consistent with the seasons being upside down.

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