“A New Kind of Industrial Accident” | Tar Sands Driller Can’t Stop Underground Well Blowout

Uncappable Bitumen Well Blowout In Alberta Is In Its Sixth Month And Still Growing*

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd
Cold Lake’s unstoppable oil spill has been gurgling for months, but it’s not the first of it’s kind

The reason Canadian Natural Resources Ltd** has banned media from access to the ongoing tar sands bitumen disaster near Cold Lake, AB is because everything is under control. This particularly nasty form of petroleum has been bubbling to the surface since May 2013 in multiple locations around the company’s Primrose South Operation***. The petro boys don’t seem to be able to stop it, so “under control” must mean something different in the hydrocarbon extraction industry.*** By November 2013, the total spill amounted to anywhere from half a million to a over a million gallons of black ooze.The actual quantity is unknown because of the ongoing coverup and because the bitumen is also moving sideways into underground aquifers.As of late September, when information became even harder to obtain, the government of the petro state formerly known as Alberta had ordered Cold Lake drained. This has understandably pissed off the native types who think of the lake as a natural resource, but they are always bitching about something.

This still invisible major oil spill has been described by Dr. Kevin Timoney of the Treeline Ecological Research “a new type of industrial accident”, referring to the fact that the petro perps who created it don’t know exactly what caused it and can’t stop it. With all due respect, this incident is only one of many unstoppable catastrophe’s caused by the petrochemical industry, and they have yet to be held accountable. The Taylor Well in the Gulf of Mexico has been leaking for years, and the Bayou Corne toxic sinkhole in Louisiana has no end in sight for the hundreds of people who have lost their homes.

At the moment, the thousands of oil spills not reported to the public every year happen near humans who don’t matter in the great scheme of things. Minorities, First Nation types and poor people, for example. But they are getting closer to inconveniencing the kinds of citizens who actually matter.

See Kalamazoo, MI
See Mayflower, AR Exxon pipeline spill

For a global perspective on oil and gas leaks, explosions and other screw ups, visit the CatMap Petroleum Screw Ups Map

*At this point, about half the size of the disaster that closed the Kalamazoo River in Michigan for over a year and is still not cleaned up

* Not a government agency, but one the world’s largest oil producers

** The boys always give such nice designer names to oil operations.
***But it could mean something like “fuck you and the horse you rode in on.”

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