Historic Storms Lash The Planet As World Governments Guarantee A Climate Apocalypse

Australia, Japan, Ecuador and Poland Move Backwards | Philippines, Illinois, Australia, Poland, Sardinia and Somalia Hit By Lethal and Historic Weather Events

Illinois Tornado Onslaught 8 dead in Midwestern tornadoes including 2 E4′s in Illinois. Somehow reported without a mention of global warming.

1. Australia: Tony “Climate Science Is Absolute Crap” Abbott rolled back climate initiative as a new right wing government rolled back time on the planet’s driest continent.

2. Poland: In the ultimate Polish joke, the nation simultaneously hosts the U.N. Climate talks at the same time it stages a coal summit to promote clean coal technology. Although the coal industry promotes is a real thing, there are exactly zero commercial coal utilities carbon sequestration. None. Anywhere.

1. Australia enters summer months celebrating the continent’s hottest year ever and states of emergence were already declared in NSW and Sydney.

2. Philippines: Possibly the most powerful storm ever to hit land, Typhoon Haiyan has killed thousands and displaced millions in a nation used to hurricanes.

3. Sardinia: 17 people died in historic flooding on the Italian island. Olbia Mayor Gianni Giovanelli described the storm as “apocalyptic”.

Puntland cycloneThe cyclone that laid waste to Somalia’s Puntland region was described as unusual.
3. Ecuador: Announces that it has given up any hope of preserving its remaining forests due to industry pressure and lack of international interest.

4. Japan: Announced during the UN climate talks that it will be unable to meet emission reduction targets previously committed to.

5. Russia: the Bear continues to block any meaningful progress just by being Russians, all bent out of shape by pretty much anything, and opposed to anything the U.S. favors. Whatever that might turn out to be.

 4. Illinois/Midwest: at least 8 people were killed as a land hurricane spawned dozens of tornadoes, two with winds up to 200 MPH. The town of Washington, IL was wiped out.

5. Somalia: A cyclone killed at least 100 people via flood and high winds in the Puntland region. More people died as the cyclone was followed by extremes of cold and wind. But they’re all pirates aren’t they. I thought I saw that in a movie.

Poland support coal foreverThe ultimate Polish joke: eternal support for clean coal, which is being developed really really soon.
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