A SlowMo Nuclear Disaster: Savanna River Will Be All Cleaned Up Fer Sure By 2040

Savannah River Weapons Site Has Been Leaking Radioactivity Since Long Before Fukushima Was Built…But Cleanup Money has Been Voted Down By Guess Who

Savannah River Weapons Site Cleanup Self sufficient Carolingians suspect that Dept Energy money is being diverted to the Hanford Nuclear Cluster Jerk In Washington State

At this very moment, there are a minimum of three nuclear facilities that are releasing radioactive water into the groundwater in first world nations. The “authorities” in all three scenarios admit they have no idea how to get the situation under control*. We have written here extensively about the Fukushima nuke (which is manufacturing radioactive water faster than storage tanks can be built) and the Hanford nuke (which combines 50 years of mismanagement with defense contractor corruption), but the Savannah River Site takes a back seat to neither.The sprawling Savannah River Site began as a Cold War nuclear weapons plant but was finally decommissioned in 1996. The Dept Energy promised that the highly radioactive mess would be cleaned up and converted to a magic solid material that was perfectly safe. But under the burden of the Washington DC sequester, the schedule has been revised in favor of a more achievable 2040 A.D.At some point, work was proceeding well with $ billions in federal Stimulus money awarded to the very red state of South Carolina. Why did these hardy self sufficient citizens swallow their pride and accept the handout? Why, of course, it was because cleaning up environmental disasters creates thousands of jobs.

Now those jobs are lost due to the Sequester, and as has been the case with so many initiatives by 21st Century John Birch wannabees**, the real world results of their initiative is that maintenance and security will add billions more to the project cost. Sure, that money could better be spent keeping out the Mexicans, but there is no ignoring the radioactive waste*** glowing in those the slowly corroding tanks. Many tanks, buried below the water table, are already leaking. We can only assume the number will increase over the next several decades.

*This is really a minimum as the extent of nuclear contamination in Soviet sites is beyond comprehension.
**Bear in mind the Fred Koch, founder of Koch Industries, was one of the founding members of the John Birch Society, and his sons now put up the billions to carry on the work of the extreme right under the guise of Tea Partiers et al.
***In the radioactive waste remediation business, this is known as True Waste, which sounds a bit euphemistic don’t it?
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