Two Headed Trout and Other Effects of Global Selenium Contamination

Fish Deformities In Idaho Stream Just Another Development In The Global Poisoning of The Planet By Mining and Coal Interests

Two Headed Trout Idaho Yes, we could have photoshopped this two-headed baby trout but we didn’t have to. The mining company did it with selenium, the natural way.

Multiple incidents of two-headed trout and other fish deformities in a watershed near an Idaho phosphate mine have been attributed to selenium contamination from a nearby phosphate mine owned by J.R. Simplot. The baby trout were hatchlings of local fish caught in the wild in the river near the Smoky Canyon mine. In addition to the two headed mutants, researchers found deformities of the face, fins and eggs.The mining company, which had commissioned the report on behalf of itself, concluded that selenium levels were safe for drinking water. The mining company is trying to persuade the EPA to relax regulations on the amount of selenium allowed in drinking water to be relaxed. In plain English, Simplot wants a variance to allow more selenium in the waterways because it costs too much money to keep it at levels that only cause massive fish mutations. Although Simplot has done some cleanup in the area under a Superfund initiative (which protects them from litigation), Hoopes Springs measures 70 parts / billion selenium level. In other words, 14 times the federal limit.

The answer to your unspoken next question is: Because they are a mining company.

In the race for which End Times driving factor will push civilization over the brink, species mutations caused by heavy metal pollution is probably not a front runner. There are so many other things that are going to get us: global warming and extreme weather, nukes, terrorists, starvation and plagues, Anne Coulter.

Nevertheless, there mounting evidence of dangerous selenium contamination on a global scale. Although it is naturally occurring, when selenium is disturbed by mining, coal burning or concentrated by other industrial or large scale agricultural processes, the heavy metal begins poisoning wildlife, fish and humans. At the Kesterson Reservoir in California, selenium poisoning from agricultural runoff caused missing eyes and feet and even protruding brains in area reptiles and birds. Gross.

In Dec 2013, Duke Energy has been cited for selenium contamination due to dumping waste coal ash in Sutton Lake, a recreational and fishing lake. A study conducted at Wake Forest University maintains that the coal slurry kills over 900,000 fish and deforms thousands more.

This is another form of internalizing profits while externalizing costs. Simply put, the polluting industries walk away with the profits (usually from exploiting public resources in one form or another) while the taxpayers end up with the cleanup bill. And this economic model doesn’t take into consideration the sickness and degradation of land, water and air that is unquantifiable. Autism? Allergies? Mystery illness? Can’t prove it was caused by any one toxic source. But think about the amount of toxic substances pouring into the air, ground and water and you might begin to grow and extra head as well.

Dear me dear me.


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