Ooops. Another Oil Train Blows Up In New Brunswick

Crude Oil and Propane Go Up In Flames As Fifth Oil Tanker Train Derails

Oil train burns New BrunswickBurning tanker cars are partly due to industry refusal to upgrade junky old rolling stock

Another train carrying explosive propane and crude oil derailed and caught fire, this time in northwestern New Brunswick. The derailment of the 122 car train was followed by a fireball and boom near the town of Plaster Rock, NB. About 45 homes were evacuated as 15 cars burned for three days.

This is the fifth major oil train derailment and explosion within the last sixth months, the worst of which was a horrific fireball that consumed the Quebec city of Lac-Megantic in July and killed at least 47.

Others recent incidents took place in North Dakota and Alabama.

Oil train burns New Brunswick

There are three reasons for the big uptick in these somewhat alarming explosions and fires. First, there is a lot more oil being pumped in the good ole USA even with that Muslim socialist in the white house, and therefore there is a lot more oil moving across the land. There is about 20 x more oil moving by train than in 2009. The second is that the oil from the booming Bakken Fields is notoriously flammable. But the third and most important reason is it that the cheap sociopaths who own the tanker cars refuse to upgrade to doubled hulled cars, which don’t blow up as easily. So you’re probably going to have a more collateral damage – a small price to pay for massively increased profits.

Rather than address the issue, oil company spokes models are leveraging these disasters as an argument for building new pipelines. They can count on the fact that most people are not aware of the rather astounding number of pipeline spills and explosions that literally happen every day.

For a global perspective on oil and gas spills, explosions and other oily disasters, visit the CatMap PetroChemical Screw Ups Map

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