Bottom Trawling Factory Ships Stripping The Oceans Of Life

90% Of Large Fish Species Have Disappeared From the Ocean

Global overfishingIndustrial Fisheries Deploy Miles Long Nets To Scour the Oceans of All Living Things

The oceans are on the brink of catastrophic collapse for a lot of reasons: rapid acidification due to CO2 absorption, chemical and garbage pollution and overfishing. The only one of these causes that is even remotely reversible at this point is overfishing, which is being conducted by massive navies of factory ships deploying miles long nets and even explosives. The global situation is called by some “the last buffalo hunt” as legal and illegal fleets deploy technology to plunder in locations that were previously too deep or remote to exploit.

I'm Hungry

Think about this as you enjoy fake snapper* in your favorite foodie spot.

  • Bottom trawling scours the ocean of every living thing, and raised massive plumes of sediment containing pollution that had settled to the ocean floor over centuries. It levels everything on the ocean floor like a bulldozer. The scouring paths left behind are visible from space.
  • Sea life is being removed from the oceans on a scale that is almost incomprehensible. In the half century since industrial fishing methods were first deployed, 90% of the oceans’ large fish species have been wiped out.
  • More than 70% of global fisheries are either fully exploited, over-exploited or seriously depleted.
  • 2 trillion animals are harvested from the oceans each year
  • Many factory ships are illegal operations: unmarked and unflagged. They represent huge investments and can stay at sea for months at a time.
  • 40% of the marine life taken from the ocean are bycatch, that is, not useful to humans and therefore thrown back into the ocean dead as waste material
  • North Atlantic cod has largely disappeared from its habitat
  • Other species on the verge of collapse include blue tuna and orange roughy

    *Even in the finest restaurants, the odds are actually against you getting the designer fish you think you ordered.

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