Cities Running Out of Water As Brazil’s Epic Drought Worsens

California Is Not The Only Key Food Producing Region Undergoing “A Long Emergency”
Brazil DroughtDance while you can: You’ll “believe” soon enough

While Brazil’s ruling classes get all giddy at the prospect of hosting the World Cup, the agricultural heartland has other things on its mind.
With rivers and reservoirs at historic lows, agricultural authorities are anticipating a collapse in soy and coffee exports, with resulting food price increases affecting much of the world. Hundreds of cities have begun rationing water, with some turning off the taps an alternate days. If trends continue, the Brazilian agricultural agency predicts permanent abandonment of coffee plantations within the decade. Corn, cassava and other crops are also threatened. Conditions follow uncomfortably close on the heels of the global food crisis of 2011 – 2012.

The Drought – Flood – Drought pattern shows no signs of abating in Brazil, particularly in the Amazon. . Since the state has backed off previous efforts to minimize logging, mining and development in the country, a total ecological calamity is virtually guaranteed.

It was the hottest January on record in some regions, but then again there is a lot of that going on around the planet.Severe drought is currently plaguing California, Turkey, Australia, China, Argentina and Brazil. Lake Poyang, China’s largest freshwater lake, is virtually dried up.

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