Plan To Wipe Mossville, LA Off The Face of The Earth: First Poison ‘Em, Then Force ‘Em Out Cheep

Town Founded In 1790 By Former Slaves Will Be Erased By New South African Chemical Plant
Mossville Wiped OutFinal update to Toxic Apocalypse #14

Mossville is an historic, African American community founded in the 1790s next to Lake Charles, Louisiana. Today, the community is surrounded by 14 industrial facilities, including the largest concentration of vinyl production facilities in the U.S., an oil refinery, a coal fired red power plant, and several petrochemical manufacturers. The toxins in the air are at levels 100 times higher than the national standard, and 84% of the residents of the town had some sort of central nervous system disorder. The town is the epicenter of Louisiana’s Cancer Alley.

Described variously as “a very sick community” and “a medical experiment” by researchers, Mossville residents have incredibly high incidents of cancer, asthma and premature death. And in spite a decade of activism on behalf of the beleaguered 224 year old town, the grip of the chemical and oil business in Louisiana is too powerful. This is the most polluted state in the nation, it’s coastline being melted away at the rate of 75 square kilometers a year by rising seas and oil and gas activities.

Now, the problem appears to be nearly solved. The town will be wiped off the map completely when SASOL, a South African chemical company*, builds a new chemical plant with the help of $2 billion in incentives from the Louisiana state budget.** You go, big talkin’ free marketer Bobby Jindal. The company is generously willing to buy out the citizens’ ancestral homes for %160 of their appraised value. Of course, the appraised value is somewhat reduced due to the presence of chemical plants on the other side of the fence and an unbreatheable atmosphere.

Read about the history of Mossville, LA, an historic town about to be removed from the map by greed and just a pinch of southern racism.

To visit more world class contamination, permanently evacuated towns and non-places, visit Toxic Apocalypse #14

To visit more world class contamination, permanently evacuated towns and non-places, visit Toxic Apocalypse

*We assume there is someone out there who can see the irony of a South African company wiping out a black community so they can add more pollutants to the environemtn?
**According to the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (snicksnick), the new plant will result in huge new net emissions of greenhouse gases, promethium, sulfur oxide, nitric oxide, and carbon monoxide. That will be about 10 million cubic tons of greenhouse gases per year. LET’S DO IT, Y’ALL!

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