As Our Oceans Turn Acidic and Warm, They Fill With Toxic Plastic and Other Consumer Waste

An ocean filled with crap a passing note in the obsessive search for flight 370
Human waste in the oceanSee anything you recognize?

The consumer crap, fishing gear and other marine artifacts of the Late Human era are not only unsightly only unaesthetic. They are also chemically toxic and lethal to marine life. There are at least six of these floating, rotating dumps the size of continents spiraling around the planet and growing larger each day.

  • Decomposing bottles break down into their poisonous constituents, changing the chemical composition of the water. Ocean chemistry is also turning acidic as the seas absorb more CO2.
  • Other plastic bits such as fishing lines, nets, and six pack holders kill ocean life by sealing shut beaks and noses, causing dolphins and other species to asphyxiate. Large predators eat the tasty looking plastic which ties up their internal organs.
  • And there is raw sewage, such as the 200 billion liters of household sludge flashed by Canada directly into natural waterways every year. It all ends up in the ocean.

    On the off chance we were to damping garbage into the ocean today, the slowly breaking down hydrocarbons will still take hundreds of years to decompose and dissipate.

    How did it all that crap get there? Obviously, someone else is buying too much crap and not disposing of it properly.Shopping for Crap

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