Complain About Methane In Your Drinking Water And Get Your Ass Sued…

And Other Highlights of This Month’s Oil And Gas Company Abuse
Radioactive Oil Drilling WasteWhere did all that radioactive drilling waste come from? These are bags full of radioactive oil filter “socks” piled in a Noonan, ND gas station. Oil socks are the nets that filter oil production liquids. BTW: the taxpayers will be picking up the tab for this criminal dumping, while the oil companies will be picking up the profits.

1. Radioactive Waste From Oil Drilling | North Dakota:
Most people are unaware that any drilling or mining activity brings up all kinds of toxic previously buried materials, some of which is just toxic (like mercury and arsenic) and some of which is radioactive. In places like North Dakota’s Bakken oil fields, the frenzy of drilling and fracking is creating a problem with the significant quantities of radioactive waste being generated. Two new events this week have caused concern: a company hired to clean up a mess of illegally dumped waste reported twice as much as originally believed, and a new illegal dump was discovered.

The low level radioactive material is not dangerous in small exposures, but is by all means a threat if it began leaching into underground drinking water supplies. Add this problem to a laundry list that includes local oil spills, serious spikes in violent crime, destruction of roads and infrastructure, 24/7 extreme noise and price hikes that only out of town workers can afford.

2. Near Ft. Worth, TX, homeowner Steve Lipinsky sued by the drilling company who contaminated his drinking water:
There has been an alarming increase in the number of people who are hurting the feelings of the oil and gas companies who are messing up their lives. For example, in 2009, Range Resources began drilling and fracking operations about 2,000 feet from Steve Lipsky’s home outside Forth Worth. Later that year the homeowners noticed slime in his water and eventually began trucking in water for his family. According to press reports, tests show methane levels in his well are at concentrations 3X greater than explosive levels. Because “authorities” in Texas are beholden to the oil industry, Lipsky ended up suing Range Resources, which has done nothing to ameliorate the problem. The oil company has since sued Lipsky for defamation.

Methane Contamination Ft. Worth

Range Resources, which works hard portraying itself as an environmental paragon, has previously settled similar lawsuits. Of particular interest is a Pennsylvania settlement with a family that claimed Range had destroyed their 10 acre farm. In order to collect the award, the family agreed to a gag order than included lifetime silencing of their minority age children regarding the case. The company has settled several other lawsuits in Pennsylvania and Oklahoma.

3. Texas Family Wins Major Suit Against Drilling Company:
As legal activity against oil and gas pimps increases, the few settlements won by plaintiffs have been bound by gag orders, thus limiting public awareness of the issues. However, on April 22, 2014 Bob and Lisa Parr of Wise County, TX were awarded $3 million in their successful suit against Aruba Petroleum. The company was accused of “fouling the family’s 40-acre ranch property, their home and quality of life”.

We will be able to report real progress when officials of the companies who commit these crimes are sent to prison.

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