Oklahoma Dries Up As Senator Inhofe Insists Global Warming is a Hoax

Wheat crop already devastated as epic Oklahoma drought shows no signs of lifting

Oklahoma extended droughtLake Texoma is a victim of the extended drought and regional water wars. The lackof lake is causing huge losses to local tourism. However, those losses will pale when the price of bread skyrockets next year.

In response to the release of the National Climate Assessment earlier this week, Senator and tool of the petroleum industry James “The Hoax” Inhofe has issued a statement reiterating his position that Global Warming is a hoax. In staking this position, he joins other prestigious scientists such as Ann Coulter and Marlo Lewis. The grim climate report was produced by more than 300 experts and a 60-member Federal Advisory Committee. It finally takes off the gloves in terms of the effects and costs of climate disruption as it is happening now.

You may remember Jimmy from a few years ago when it snowed in Washington, DC (not exactly an unheard of event). He took the time to mock global warming by having his grandchildren build an igloo and label it “Al Gore’s New Home”. Because if it’s snowing in Washington, it proves that climate changes is a hoax*.

But what does it prove when Oklahoma is enduring one of the great droughts of history, big Jim. With the wheat crop down a reported 38% and water supplies dwindling throughout the state, seems like something might be going on. The drought in now in year three and is only worsening at this point.

Indeed, the Red States seem to be enduring more punishment than regular states with regard to extreme weather lately. These are by and large the places where citizens either believe that there is no global warming or that the climate changes they are witnessing are caused by the Christian god and can be prayed away. Whatever happens, it’s Gods will. In some places, this is called “irony” but we believe there is no irony in Oklahoma. If you continue to elect clowns to the Senate, you are missing the irony gene all together.

James Inhofe
Jimmy “The Hoax” Inhofe is the “author” of The Great Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens your Future, where cites biblical inspiration for his views, because only God can change the climate. We think he is also inspired by contributions for petroleum interests. More on Jim at Remember Their Faces.

*Perhaps if you hold an education degree from University of Tulsa and have a business background in real estate and insurance this comprises a solid cause and effect scenario. Or it could be massive campaign donations from the petroleum industry. Or maybe Jesus just told him directly.

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