“OK Mate, Maybe just a FEW Worries”: Australia’s Unprecedented, Unending Heat Wave

Two Years Of Unprecedented Temperatures Finally Making the Aussies Nervous

Queensland DroughtQueensland afflicted by the drought – flood – drought cycle

In 2013 Australian citizens elected Tony Abbott Prime Minister. As much of a right wing asshole as any American Tea Partier (except perhaps Ted Cruz), Abbott is a prominent global warming denier/anti-environmentalist who has rolled back the Emissions Reduction Fund and lopped off huge chunks of the renewable energy research budget. He has taken global warming off the G20 agenda, because “climate change is absolute crap”.

But like his Oklahoma counterpart Jimmy “the Hoax” Inhofe, Abbott finds himself staring down the barrel of some nasty climate developments in the form of record breaking heat trends that have got the normally unflappable Aussies feeling a little nervous. As in that nervous feeling you get right before an apocalypse.

The summer just passed capped the hottest two years on record in the down under continent, with temperatures of 129F reported in some locations. And the summer doesn’t seem to want to end. The state of Queensland – the breadbasket of the country – is suffering the most widespread drought on record, with almost 80 per cent of the state affected. The farming areas have also been devastated by unprecedented flooding in the drought – flood – drought cycle that is affecting major portions of the planet.

And last year The Bureau of Meteorology’s had to add new colors to the official weather forecasting chart. It now includes deep purple and pink in order to show temps over 122F.

Queensland Drought

Because those temps are no longer unusual.

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