Senegal Sea Level Rise Already At Emergency Levels

How both salt water incursion and drought threaten water supply and the very existence of the capital city

Senegal sinkingAn ill-advised and half-hearted attempt to dig a drainage canal only made the situation worse in the nearby town of Doun Baba Dièye

Senegal, on the West Coast of Africa is threatened by massive, nearly year round flooding as the ocean spills into the capital city of St. Louis. Neighborhoods in the capital and suburbs have already been wiped out permanently as thousands add to the growing numbers of climate refugees.

Global warming is dealing Senegal a one to punch as desertification of the interior exacerbates the salt water incursions into drinking water resources. Average temperatures are expected to continue climbing while rainfall decreases. As is the norm for drought flood drought scenarios, when the rain does come is will be in unmanageable torrents that will run off of the parched land with little benefit.

Senegal sinkingSenegal joins Pacific islands such as Malbati and Marshall Island, Virginia, Miami Beach and the rest of the east coast of the US, Northern Europse and the Baltics, Bangaladesh, the Amazon Basic and other low lying lands in the rising seas poster child competition.

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