West Coast Biotoxins Attacking the Brains of Marine Life and Sea Birds

Domoic Acid Causes Sea Lions To Have Seizures and Pelicans To Fall From The Sky.

Pelicans and Sea Lions DyingBiotoxins produced by algae blooms produced by agricultural runoff produced by unsustainable corporate farming

Pelicans with diseased brains falling from the skies is not a standard part of the End Times scenario, but on the other hand, neither was the poisoning of Toledo’s water supply by a toxic algae bloom or the plague of sea lions with seizures on the Central Coast of California. Biblical or not, these lethal summer occurrences are decidedly anthropomorphic in causality and are becoming more and more common as we become more and more unwise.

Whether it’s dying pelicans or sea lions having seizures, the scientific cause is Domoic acid, a deadly neurotoxin produced by algae. Generated by unsustainable agriculture, the algae blooms have appears in record levels in California, Lake Erie and the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to the animal mortality, the biotoxin outbreaks have closed fisheries in locations around the world.

This is another human induced natural disaster. While algae blooms are a normally occurring part of the marine ecosystem, the production of poisons that kill animals and humans is not. What’s the difference? It’s a combo platter of warming ocean waters and massive flows of nitrogen from corporate agribusinesses. Mix in plastic pollution, rising CO2 levels and literally changing ocean chemistry, and we have created a recipe for disaster for every living thing that depends on the ocean for life.

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