Some Monarchs Are More Newsworthy Than Others

Monarch Butterfly Is Just About Finished As A Species, But Kate Has Her Own Troubles

Alarming drop in Monarch butterfly populationWill Second Royal Baby Make Up For The Loss Of An Iconic Species?

Sure, the Monarch butterfly is on the verge of extinction, but Kate has some problems too. Unlike the Monarch, however, poor Kate is exposed to constant harassment by the entertainment journalists. But the “media” won’t bother with the passing of the Monarch until all the butterflies are gone, and then there will be a great gnashing of teeth. How could we not have known?

In a life imitates art scenario, the Monarch butterfly’s challenges are remarkably similar to Barbara Kingsolver’s 2013 novel Fight Behavior. But unlike the novel, the outcome for this particular species is not likely to be happy. While the loss of milkweed habitat is the most easily identifiable cause of the precipitous decline*, we can also list global warming related events such as droughts and wildfires, as well as illegal logging in Mexico. The Monarch decline is accompanied by crashes in populations of bees, bats and a large number of bird species.

Considering the forces arrayed against butterflies and their airborne friends coupled with a general absence of public knowledge and outrage, don’t expect good news.

Meanwhile, not only is Kate Middleton – the Duchess of Somewhere – having ANOTHER DIFFICULT PREGNANCY (with like, THROWING UP and other gross things and hardly anyone to help her except the palace staff!) but she and the QUEEN OF ENGLAND are arguing about stuff.**

* due in large part to the resurgence of herbicide use which is due in large part to agribusiness deployment of BMO crops.
**unless some of this is being misreported. There are far more journalists assigned to Kate than to the Monarch butterfly.

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