Marshall Islands Going Under

Drought Decimates One Side of Archipelago , King Tides Take Out The Capital

Alarming drop in Monarch butterfly populationClimate Refugees In Pacific Atolls Consider Their Options As Oceans Rise Ever Faster

As the global warming denying Republicans celebrate their victory, the waters of the Pacific Ocean are rising ever faster in low lying Pacific Island nations such as Kiribati and the Marshall Islands.* In spring of 2014, severe flooding due to unprecedented King Tides inundated large sections of capital city Majuro, further alarming the population of the in parts of the Marshall Islands capital Majuro has underlined the country’s vulnerability to rising sea levels and extreme weather events. Hundreds of residents were evacuated in a preview of things to come.

Ironically, the ownership of land is the key measure of wealth in traditional Marshallese culture. But land is disappearing quickly as the ocean rises and soon the islanders will be looking for a new place to live. Maybe they will live with refugees from Louisiana.

* You may remember the Marshall Islands from US nuclear history. The H bomb test known as Bravo – the largest nuke the US ever admitted to detonating – went slightly awry when the winds shifted. It radiated astounding quantities of radioactive fallout over the Rongelap atoll leading to “near-irreversible environmental contamination”, long term health effects and permanent evacuation of several islands.

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