Another Massive Marine Life Massacre Off Peruvian Coast

Another “Mysterious” Die Off As 700 Dead Sea Lions and Other Marine Animals Wash Ashore

Dead Sea LionsWhether fishermen did it, or ocean pollution, the results are the same

Sea lions are not an endangered species yet, but they have been having a tough time lately living in the rapidly deteriorating ocean we have provided. The latest incident – and a virtual repeat of a 2012 event – involved the carcasses of about 500 sea lions washing ashore on beaches about 250 miles from Lima, Peru. The late November die off followed a similar disaster two weeks earlier. Over the past decade, the Peruvian coast has featured a veritable parade of marine life carnage. In addition to sea lions, the incidents involve dolphins, turtles and pelicans.

There are some differences of opinion on what might be causing all this death. The local police say it’s fishermen and marine farmers who don’t want to share their catch. But that’s a lot of animals to poison in the open ocean. The environmental agencies say the water is polluted with various toxins and that is either killing the animals directly or compromising their immune systems.

The government says natural causes are to blame. No really./

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