Thilafushi: Maldives’ Manmade Smoking Island of Trash

With The Island Paradise’s Very Existence Threatened By Rapidly Rising Seas, An Extra Island For Garbage Seemed Like A Good Idea

Maldives Smoking Island of GarbageAs the ecological disaster unfolds, the population voted the reformist government out of office and replaced it with paranoid radical Islamists who deny the seas are rising. Sounds like what country?

Like many other locations around the world, the Maldives Atoll used to be a nice place. Not so much right now, what with the ocean eating up the land and salinating the remaining water supplies. But the tourists will undoubtedly be coming until the last land sinks beneath the Indian Ocean, and that means garbage. Out of the 200 or so inhabited islands in the nation, about half are tourist resorts.

It means about 330 tons of garbage every day, and that garbage gets dumped on a new island by the name of Thilafushi. The new land mass was created by dumping mega tons of tourist trash, plastic bottles, and other garbage onto the island.The garbage is then set afire, sending toxic smoke rising above scenic Thilafushi. In the process, asbestos, lead and other toxic metals have leached into the once pristine lagoon. But the tourists don’t see it and tours of Thilafushi are not offered.

The work is handled by immigrant workers from Bangladesh, another nation with serious, serious sea level issues. That’s the one positive characteristic of Thilafushi. It’s the only island in the atoll that is increasing in elevation.

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