Gold Mines Denuding and Poisoning Vast Swaths of Peruvian Rain Forest

The Species That Likes Shiny Shiny Doesn’t Care Much About Who Dies To Get The Shiny

Peruvian gold mining destroys rain forestWe know about this only because of the fake climate summit in Lima in December. The mining has been going on for decades, but all of a sudden the Peruvian government decided to crack down.

Tens of thousands of virgin Peruvian rainforest acres have been decimated and permanently contaminated by illegal gold mines*. After decades of horrendous do-it-yourself plunder in the Madre de Dios**, the land has been left as a moonscape while poisons of every kind run in the veins of the people and the food chain.

Peruvian gold mining destroys rain forest

According to the Carnegie Institution for Science, about 250 square miles have been destroyed and three-quarters of the populations has dangerous levels of mercury in their blood streams.

*If you have an “illegal” gold mine, it means you are not a global mining company with enough money to pay off the government to steal the land from whoever was unfortunate enough to be living where the gold was.
**That would mean “mother of God.


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