Half of World Wildlife Wiped Out in 40 Years

The Latest Report on the Sixth Great Extinction Is Worse Than We Thought

Golden Toad bites the dustThe extinction rate for both designer species and creatures you don’t even know exist is unprecedented except for catastrophic events such as asteroid strikes. This time around, we are the catastrophic event.

The Planet Earth has about half as many animals left alive as it did in 1975*. According to an exhaustive report from the Zoological Society of London, creatures of every kind are being wiped out by industrial scale hunting and fishing, pollution and habitat loss. There are still plenty of pigs and golf resorts.

There is no indication that any of this is going to change.

China in particular is sucking up the remaining supply of elephants, rhinos, tigers and any other species whose parts are needed for home remedies or knick knacks. Several sub-species of Rhinos are already officially extinct and the species as whole will not make into the next decade in the wild.

Remaining in the wild (globally):

Vaquita Porpoise < 250 Sumatran Tigers < 600 Giant Panda < 2000 Javan Rhino < 60 Golden-Headed Langur < 70 Flat-Footed Ferret < 1000 Blue Tuna (Hint-that sushi you're eating isn't what you think) Cross River Gorilla < 300 Borneo Pygmy Elephant < 1000 Mekong Giant Catfish < 500 If you think cloning or zoo programs are really options for preserving large mammals long term, consider doing more research. Baiji Dolphin ExtinctThe Baiji river dolphin was finally wiped out by the Chinese in 2006

*Except for humans. Thee are lot more of those. Note to self: a connection?


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