Hard to Argue With This Ocean Temperature Chart

As Ocean Warming Accelerates, The Consequences Will Surprise You

Consequences of ocean temp riseThe surface temperature of the North Atlantic are 21F higher than normal, causing way higher levels of water vapor in the air. Result: snow.

New England is experiencing a winter storm season that some are calling biblical.* We understand there is a lot of snow in Boston, but hardly anyone mentions that the temperature of the ocean water off shore is 21 degrees warmer than average. That puts a lot more water vapor into the atmosphere, then it snows. And unfortunately for humans, this kind of climate situation is not unusual. In fact, it’s just the beginning.

Water responds more slowly than the atmosphere to temperature variations, but by the same token, heat energy remains captured for far longer in the vast heat sink of the Ocean. 90% of the energy in the Earth’s climate system is stored in it’s seas. So when the ocean temperature climbs slowly but steadily over a period of decades, the news is not good. This NOAA chart shows anomalies of ocean temp fluctuation over the course over 50 years. It also shows a trend. Talk among yourselves, reach your own conclusions.

Warmer oceans are responsible for more violent storms and weather anomalies that are causing billions of dollars of damage. Things like violent thunderstorms in the Arctic, previously unheard of or extremely rare. Climate scientists say this is just the beginning. Climate scientists with exception of only a few such as Sen James Inhofe and Rick Perry.

Now consider what happens when water is heated: It expands. When ocean temperatures go up, the volume of water in the ocean expands. So does the water level. Ask the people in the Maldives, or even on East Coast. It’s coming up so fast that the US Navy thinks rapid sea level rise is actually a security threat, especially in places like Norfolk, Va. And they aren’t even liberals.

There are other big problems when ocean temperatures rise. For example, coral reefs world wide are bleaching as symbiotic algae is released. Not only do they grow more slowly, they are more susceptible to disease. That’s why coral reefs are dying off. It’s not the only reason, but it’s one of them.

Then there is all that sea life out there. The oceans are absorbing megatons more CO2, which is changing the chemistry of the oceans. It would be better to leave the chemistry alone. Just ask any shellfish or star fish. But small changes in chemistry are magnified by changes in temperature. So this could end badly.

Many weather experts say we are already seeing the effects of higher ocean temperatures in the form of stronger and more frequent tropical storms and hurricanes/cyclones. Warmer surface water dissipates more readily into vapor, making it easier for small ocean storms to escalate into larger, more powerful systems.

The sea ice floating in the warming oceans will begin melting more quickly, continuing the negative feedback spiral that has already begun. The beginning of global warming we have already observed is alarming, but it is just the tip of the melting iceberg.

* Which is dumb because there is very little snow in the Bible except for a couple lame metaphors. Nothing in the scary vision books like Revelation or Daniel.
**Too bad it didn’t hit Oklahoma as a respite from a truly biblical drought.


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