Dirty Money Fuels Wei-Hock Soon’s Anti Climate Change “Science”

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The strategy was first pioneered by the tobacco industry and since has been deployed effectively by right wing Christians as they continue to sneak creationism into school since programs. The tactic is called “false equivalence”, and it relies on the news media’s obsession with telling both sides of the story, even when one side is a joke. But when it comes to creating doubt about the reality of global warming, the forces of the fossil fuel industries have brought the principle of false equivalence to an art form.All they need to create the illusion of a scientific debate is a few scientists willing to deliver the goods for a price.

On Sunday, Willie Soon, a sort of researcher at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, hit the big time when the extent of his oil lobby and other sources of dark money funding was revealed. The name brand of Harvard-Smithsonian was undoubtedly attractive to the oily biz ops, even though Soon receives no salary from the institute. In fact, both

Fun Wei-Hock Soon facts:

  • Although soon is often described as a Harvard Astro-Physicist, he is not an employee of Harvard and has received no funding from the University. He is also not an astrophysicist, although if he were an astrophysicist it would not make him a climate scientist.
  • Of the $1.25 contributed to Soon’s research of the past decade and a half, a significant percentage came from ExxonMobile, Southern Company, the American Petroleum Institute and (sit down for this one), a fund operated by the Koch Brothers.
  • Most of Soon’s published scientific papers failed to disclose his serious conflict of interests. Standard operating procedure in the “peer-reviewed” science community is for the author to reveal funding sources that might compromise their findings.

    NOTE: the information provided in this blog post is based on articles in The New York Times and the Guardian.
    *ExxonMobile has not contributed to Soon’s funding since 2005.

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