Chile’s Permanent Natural Disaster Juggernaut: Epic Floods, Wildfires and Drought

Wildfires and Torrential Floods Punctuate A Nine Year Drought

La Araucania wildfiresReservoir levels are so low that fighting wildfires is impossible

It almost seems as if Chile has been selected as the epicenter for End Times practice by a malevolent deity. Or it could just be that the global climate continues to get more screwed up. Whatever the cause, a series of apocalyptic disasters has hit Chile in the midst of an epic drought now in its ninth year. The drought has worsened in the early months of 2015 with some areas in the south receiving no precipitation at all. In March, the government declared the situation to be “permanent” and launched a massive desalinization plant initiative.* Floods in northern Atacama Desert: The world’s driest desert has been hit flash floods described as unprecedented, as the recently empty Copiapo River overran it’s banks. 30,000 people were evacuated. Villages were cut off as houses and cars were carried for miles down valleys by flood waters and mud slides. Early damage estimates are $1 – $2 billion. Wildfires in the parched South: Although Chile’s southern region is well known for its lush climate, strong winds and unseasonably hot weather spawned a series of forest fires that have consumed more than 225,670 acres acres of national parks and ancient woodlands. The protected parks are home to the Araucaria araucana tree, a pine species with a live span up to 1,000 years. The nine year drought has emptied reservoirs while strong winds have prevented firefighting aircraft from taking off.

Chile floods Heavy rains during a severe drought bring disaster rather than relief.

*When our well paid climate liars here in the US claim that “fighting” climate change is too expensive, we kind of wonder if how far up their asses their brains are located.

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