The Dead Sea Is A Murder Victim

Tourism and Chemical Industries Are Finishing Off The Dead Sea

Dead Sea DyingSinkholes are one sign of the impending collapse of the Dead Sea ecosystem, including massive diversion of the holy Jordan River, which is now basically a polluted remnant of its former self*

YHWH, the god of the Hebrew Bible, was no slouch at visiting spectacular death and destruction upon sinners and anyone else who harshed his mellow. Witness, for example, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the ancient Near East’s twin cities of sin located on the salt plain just south of the Dead Sea. But when it comes to truly wreaking destruction on the Dead Sea region, even YHWH has to take a back seat to humans.

The Dead Sea, at the lowest elevation on earth, is drying up very quickly. The surface area has been receding by approximately three feet per year over the past few decades, primarily due to the damming and diversion of Jordan River water. Decades of unrestricted mineral mining have also contributed to the problem.

In the past several years, the rapid lowering of the water levels have been punctuated by the sudden opening of rather large sinkholes, hundreds of which now pockmark the coastal region.

For millennia, the Jordan River, famous as the location of the baptism of the Christian Messiah,** has replenished the salt laden waters of the Dead Sea. But with the development of the Holy Land by the returning Israelites after World War II, the Jordan has been tapped as the most accessible source of fresh water in an otherwise arid region. As a result, the Jordan River is now but a trickle of its former self.

Dead Sea Dying You never know when a sinkhole might open up beneath you these days. Seems kind of apocalyptic, you know?

*This does not stop people from getting baptized.
**Joshua Bar Joseph, or “Jesus” to his Greek friends.

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