NOAA’s Latest Report On Climate Is Not Good News

2014 Warmest Year On Record For Planet Earth

Alberta pipeline spillA 100 mile section Interstate 10 in California was closed July 21 due to flash flooding in the midst of the epic drought*

The left wing National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration and the notoriously liberal American Meteorological Society have issued new research on the climate, specifically, their annual report on the state of the climate. The report was authored by more than 400 climate scientists from around the world. The conclusion of the research was that 2014 was the warmest year on record in terms of surface temperatures in virtually every region. The data was compiled from four independent data bases.

Beyond the headline grabber, the 260 page report focuses on a number of other key data that tells more specific versions of the same story. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Greenhouse gas levels including CO2, methane and nitrous oxide continued to clime. Compare the new average of 397.2 ppm to the 354 ppm figure from 25 years ago. Historically, it is unusual for rates to climb this fast.
  • The increased temperatures were found virtually everyone around the globe, with the exception of Eastern North America. Europe had its warmest year on record with dozens of records broken. Australia had it’s third warmest year, while Argentine and Uraguay had their second warmest.
  • Sea surface temperatures averaged around the planet were highest on record, with exceptional temp rises in the North Pacific Ocean.
  • A new high in global sea level was also reached in 2014, growing consistently with a 3.2 ± 0.4 mm annual trend.

    *Helped along by the GOP refusal to fund the massive changes needed to the infrastructure.

    **It is not a coincidence that the Republican controlled Congress had cut funding for key satellite infrastructure.

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