3 Million Gal Toxic Mine Sludge Spill Into Animas River Triggered – Not “Caused” – By EPA

If Only It Were An Isolated Incident

3 million gallon toxic mine wasteNasty

The Environmental Protection Agency was investigating the source of poisonous sludge leak at the Gold King Mine when something went dreadfully wrong. The latest estimate is that 3 million gallons of toxic wastewater were released into the Animas River in Colorado when a plug was accidentally removed. However, the suggestion that the EPA caused the leak is nonsense. The leak was caused by more than a century of unregulated and semi-regulated mining in the Western USA. The EPA was investigating one of literally thousands of mine sites filled with permanently contaminated waste. Three days later, the toxic plume reached New Mexico and Utah.

Near Silverton, CO, the Gold King mine is one of several sites that leak into the local creeks and rivers, including famous Cement Creek. The latter is so contaminated with acid runoff that it supports no life. It runs into the Animas River, which has also tested high for acidity, cyanide, arsenic and other heavy metals and heavy metals.

Although mining has to some degree become nominally less destructive, it remains inherently toxic, and it degrades the environment permanently. While most people don’t give it much thought, the cause is incredibly simple: all kinds of toxic materials are buried underground. When you dig them up looking for gold, coal or uranium, the bad stuff comes up with them. There are more than 55,000 of these sites around the Western USA and holding ponds containing scary yellow-orange mine waste dot the landscape throughout the West.

In late 2014 for example, an Arizona holding pond full of the similar toxic wastewater overflowed its banks near Patagonia Lake, Arizona*. Although the nearby mines closed down in the 1940′s, Asarco – American Smelting and Refining Company – the company that still owns the mine site, has resisted cleaning up the mess. The state of Arizona obtained a settlement in 2009 after a 10 year court battle. Asarco has also been found responsible for environmental pollution at 20 Superfund The company has yet to clean up the mines.

Sorry Jon Denver, greed Trumps nature every time.

In the US, we are led to believe that the proper agencies are on top of matters relating to the environment. But situation is actually exactly the opposite of the narrative blithered forth by the plundering classes. Up until the late 70′s, there were actually NO regulations in most the region. Today, the EPA and other agencies are systematically starved of funds and otherwise handcuffed by the extractive industries’ paid for pals in Congress.

In this country, the situation is a slow motion disaster. Now imagine what might be happening in places like Africa, an entire continent being colonized by Chinese “resource” companies.

One of the mines involved is the Lead Queen. Is there a relationship with the Gold King? We are investigating.
Asarco is one of the perps responsible for CatMap’s Toxic Apocalypse Site Number 3, the toxic ghost town called Picher, OH.

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