Three Northern White Rhinos Remain on the Planet

Death of “Nola” In San Diego Zoo Ends Hope for the Species

Nola Dies In San DieghoNola had lived in the San Diego Safari

The death of a white rhino at San Diego’s Safari Park has lowered the global population of Northern White Rhinos to three. The bad news comes about four months after the death of Nabiré – another female – in the Czeck Republic.

The remaining global population of Northern White Rhinos exist under armed guard at the
Nola’s death comes just four months after the loss of Nabiré, a northern white rhino who had been living at Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy.
The guard is necessary because poachers have already killed off the rest of the world’s northern white rhino population to get their horns.

The last two females are not able to breed naturally. The last remaining male has a low sperm count.

While the scientists will commendably refuse to give up, the CatMap Editorial Board now considers this species to be done for.
As for the rest of the world’s rhinos, the hunt for rhino horns continues as Asian demand rhino horn powder for “medicine”. Three are killed every day.

*Medicine that makes you horny.

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