Dozens Dead as Azerbaijan Rig Blazes In The Caspian Sea

State Oil Company Blames Wind and Waves

azerbaijan rig fire 2015They all start to look alike after a while

At least thirty oil workers were killed and dozens more were evacuated from an offshore oil platform owned by Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR.*
The company is blaming high winds and waves for disrupting a gas line that was unfortunately full of gas at the time it was disrupted. It might seem churlish to point out that this rig is in the Caspian Sea, where one might expect to encounter winds and waves from time to time.

In SOCAR’s first reports, the fact that 30 or so workers were missing was not mentioned. Then in the next reports, the fact that the odds of the missing ever being found alive were hovering around 0, what with the wind, waves, fire and all.

In the meantime, SOCAR was engaged in trying to prevent the fire from spreading to other rigs.

The state oil company is actually called the State Oil Company, but in Azerbaijani.
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