Demi Lovato Deals Bravely With Double 2015 Losses

Loss of Dog Another Tough Blow As Singer Mourns Spawn

Demi Lovato mourns Lovato is an inspiration to all of us as she shows that even celebrities can keep things in perspective

Having already lost her dog “Buddy” earlier this year, Singer Demi Lovato was dealt another blow by fate when her dog “Spawn” died on Dec 27, 2015.

Following are Demi’s inspiring words in tribute to her former dog (no we did not make this up and if you think it’s weird that she mentions how handsome he is a little too often, that’s your problem).

“Yesterday, I said goodbye to my handsome boy Spawn, this year has been quite a roller coaster..

He had this presence, I mean he was just so freaking handsome.. Bitches loved him and lads wanted to be him HAHA..

He never lost his innocence..You were the alpha and my son.. I saw you go from a little pup with your ears taped to the most beautiful Doberman I have ever seen.. I love you so much and I am going to miss you so freaking much.. Touching you and kissing you for the last time last night was so painful.. I just kept thinking I hope he’s feeling my touch and hearing me say he was my son and that I loved him.. But I know he knows!! Spawn! now go play with Buddy.. I’m sure he’ll be less annoyed this time.. I hope you are both sharing treats and running together.. I miss you both. Two little wolves and #Wolfpack Family in heaven.. Be good spawnie till I see you again..”

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