2015 Global Temperatures Smash 2014 Record

Berkeley Earth Joins NOAA and NASA With Disturbing Climate Data

Global Temperature Record 2016The bright red indicates areas of all time record warmth

Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars spent to convince you otherwise, the scientists with the satellites reported the highest average temperatures “by far” for the planet Earth in 2015.* The data set includes oceanic, land and air temperatures. According to NOAA’s statement, the increase was “the largest margin by which the annual global temperature record has been broken.”**

According to officials at both the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and NASA, the alarming uptick is only partially the result of the powerful El Nino currently messing up weather world wide. Most of the increase is attributable to human-induced global warming. NASA put the accuracy of their calculations at 94%. NOAA believes their numbers are over 99% accurate.

A week earlier Berkeley Earth — a non-profit organization with climate skeptic origins – issued a report with similar results. The report is entitled: 2015 Unambiguously the Hottest Year on Record. Get the report here. Berkeley Earth taps into 250 years of data, about twice as long as NOAA.

The “pause” in global warming was imaginary, in the sense that a fairy tale is imaginary. Someone had to write the fairy tale, or you probably would not have imagined it.

Key numbers:

  • Measurements across global land and ocean surfaces were 1.57°F (0.87°C) above the 20th century average.
  • Nine of the first eleven months set new all time records for their specific period.
  • The planet has broken the all time annual heat records in 4 out of the last 11 years

The temperature data is accompanied by a laundry list of other symptoms, notably weather patterns that are measurably more violent and unpredictable.

  • More droughts of longer duration.
  • More floods
  • 3 simultaneous Cat5+ Cyclones in the Pacific
  • The most powerful hurricane ever measures in the Western Hemisphere.

*Temperature records began in 1880 in the US.
**The year 2014 – itself a record breaker – now moves into second place.
***Founder Richard Muller is a recovering climate change denier.

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