Don’t Give Cancer Alley A Thought As You Celebrate The Superbowl

Emissions from PVC manufacturing has been killing the residents of Mossville for decades. Who cares! The people of Louisiana are just too busy having fun. Aren’t we all?

Mossville at night

Mossville at night. The locale has the densest concentration of vinyl plastic manufacturers in the U.S. built next to an all black town because they could.

As the Big Easy and the rest of the USA prepare to eat a billion dollars worth of crap watching the Superbowl, the chemical factories of Mossville will continue to spew poison into the air and groundwater. In addition to the nation’s largest concentration of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) manufacturing plants, Mossville also bless with a coal-fired power utility, refineries and chemical plants. Not surprisingly, the levels of dioxides in the blood streams of the local residents is incredibly high. Dioxins are the poison responsible for the end of Times Beach, MO; Love Canal, NY and other non-places. These facilities pump 14 millions pounds of toxins into the air every year.

Why is this allowed to happen? Well, one hint is that Mossville was founded by descendants of slaves and is pretty much and all-black community. Check for vinyl manufacturing plants next to New Orlean’s Garden district, or Eden Prairie, MN or Winnetka, IL.

More on the past and present of Mossville, LA right here.

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One Response to Don’t Give Cancer Alley A Thought As You Celebrate The Superbowl

  1. admin_catmaporg says:

    The following comment came in from John Dodd by e-mail

    re: your 2/3/13 “Cancer Alley” story. BBI royally screwed the
    chemical spill victims in the Lake Charles / Mossville area. Watch
    “In the Crosshairs of Justice-Corporate Dirty Tricks Exposed” and the
    8/23/12 CNBC “Crime Inc. Secrets For Sale” segment on Tom Filo and the
    Cox Cox Filo law firm.

    Mr Dodd has been a whistleblower of sorts, shedding the harsh light of day on BBI’s covert activities spying on environmental activists. Dodd was responsible in part of a Mother Jones feature on the topic. There is plenty of information on the topic online.


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