Radioactive Boar Invasion Makes Fukushima Zone A Science Fiction Reality

Just when you think the Fukushima nuclear cluster fuck saga can’t get any stranger, it gets stranger.

Radioactive Boars Not only do the authorities have no idea how to get rid of the radioactive water running through the ruins, they also have no idea how to get rid of well over ten thousands of feral pigs who have replaced the human population.

The Fukushima exclusion zone (otherwise known as Toxic Apocalypse Site # 19) is the area around the extremely problematic broke down nuclear plant that melted down after a 2011 earthquake/tsunami. The area is still mostly depopulated, with the exception of about 13,000 wild boars, which are running amok in the deserted countryside. Because they eat contaminated food, the boars’ bodies are unsafe to eat. Otherwise they are healthy, with an estimated population now about 500% higher than in 2014.

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