Mekong River Running Dry As Drought Withers Southeast Asia

Combination of Drought And Chinese Dams Wreaking Havoc in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
Mekong River Running Dry

This spring it is possible to walk across the border from Thailand to Vietnam as river levels reach record lows

The Mekong Delta is Southeast Asia’s primary agricultural area, generating a large percentage of the global rice supply. However, the double impact of global warming and Chinese overdamming upstream is pushing the region to a crisis. Six huge dams on the upper Mekong are disrupting the entire ecosystem downstream, exacerbating tensions over Chinese hegemony.

As the river levels have declines, sea water has begun penetrating as much as 60 miles inland, wrecking crops and contaminating drinking water supplies. The salt water incursions are unprecedented and bode ill for the future.

Mekong River Running Dry
The Mae Chang reservoir in Thailand is all but empty

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