Killer Drought Causing Zimbabwe To Unload National Parks Preserve Animals

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Destocking Its Parks Estates
Zimbabwe Selling Animals

Zimbabwe is unable to provide food and water for its iconic animal species

Need an elephant cheap, or simply looking for more easy targets for the mighty hunters in your hunting concession? Look no further than Zimbabwe, where a horrific long term drought is slashing food and water supplies for the protected species of the national parks preserves.

Zimbabwe is both famous and infamous for its national parks, which are home to some of the most viable populations of endangered large mammals such as lions, elephants, cheetahs and monkeys. However, with about a third of the human population in the southern African nation facing starvation and a state of emergency in effect, the agency is seeking to cut the population in the parks to avert a large scale die-off. Conditions in Hwange National Park are already critical.

The authority is seeking qualified purchasers, but the pool for such transactions is somewhat limited. The ability to prevent animal traffickers and mighty big game hunters from acquiring the distressed species is limited.

Zimbabwe selling animals
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