Bolivia’s Lake Poopó Disappears for Good

Foreshadowed by a 30,000,000 fish die off in 2014, Lake Poopó dried up, forcing new climate refugees into a sad future elsewhere
Lake Poopo gone

Lake Poopó was Bolivia’s second largest lake, second only to Lake Titicaca

In December 2014, Bolivia’s Lake Poopó reached a point of no return, as 30,000,000 dead fish began washing ashore in a catastrophic mass die-off. When the fish died, the flamingos, ducks and other birds either died or fled for other locals. The government declared a disaster area.

On December 17, 2015, Bolivia’s second larges lake disappeared for good. The dried lake bed is good for essentially nothing, as it contains a high level of sediment from the upstream mines which stole the water.

Lake Poopo gone

The few hundred remaining Uru-Murato people who lived along the shore for millennia will now be chased out into the world, where they will work in the coal, lead or salt mines upstream. In other words, near slaves for the people who contributed to the demise of their homeland. While this is clearly another global warming scenario, it is also an extinction event as another of South America’s indigenous people heads off into the sunset. If the Bolivian elite are like Americans, they will name the subdivisions they build on crusty the lake bed after the people they eliminated.

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