Another Flammable Oil Train Derails and Blows Up In Oregon

Another trainload of fragile tanker cars went up in flames near a Mosier, OR school and neighborhood.
oil train blows

And it ain’t going to get better any time soon, thanks to bought and paid for legislators

A community of 450 and a school narrowly missed a fiery disaster as yet another tanker train bringing the liquid gold west derailed, blew up and burned outside of Mosier, Oregon.
A total of 16 cars derailed and four blew up, each dumping about 42,000 gallons of the highly flammable crude associated with North Dakota’s Bakken shale play. Crews have gotten about 10,000 more gallons out of the Mosier water supply, but there is no data on how much more remains.

Workers recovered 10,000 gallons from the town’s wastewater system near the site, but there may be more oil in the sewer lines, authorities said.

Sometimes called bomb trains due to their tendency to explode when they derail, these tanker trains are a shining example of the fossil fuel industry and railroads’ tendency to place profits over human lives. As long as they’re making money, it’s cheaper to pay the fines and settle the lawsuits than to upgrade the tanker cars. Or you could say that they don’t actually give a rat’s ass. A “preliminary investigation” indicated that a bolt failed in the tie-rail connection system, but is that supposed to matter? Transporting volatile materials by rail or pipeline ALWAYS results in catastrophic “accidents” and always will.

You can find a relatively complete history of these events here, including the story of near total destruction of Lac-Megantic, Quebec.

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