Global Warming Hits 330 Million Indians As Floods Follow Drought

Ten farmers commit suicide every day in Maharashtra State
Maharashtra State

After the heat waves and drought, water rolls off the parched lands and floods the countryside

Groundwater is being pumped out of underground aquifers in the Indian State of Maharastra as farmers try to hang on during the latest devastating drought. The spring heat waves have depleted water supplies to emergency conditions as war lords sell water at criminal prices.

The monsoon rains are delayed more each year, and the severity and duration of the droughts means floods are more damaging and post storm water retention is worse.

Economically speaking, the sugar cane crop will be reduced by 50%, according to government estimates, while the extent of other crop failures has yet to be determined. As is the case with the American Southwest, scientists predict that this is only the beginning of a protracted water and agricultural disaster that will likely be measured in centuries.

Drought Suicides in India

May 20 – 51 C (123.4F) On The Sub Continent Comes In The Midst Of An Extended Heat Wave and Drought

India remains in the drip of a drought and record heat pattern for the second year as the region around Phalodi, Rajasthan blew up all records for a single day with 51 degrees Celsius (123.8 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures. About 2500 people died during the summer of 2015, but worse is expected for this year. Current conditions have been caused in part by low levels of rain the 2014 and 2015 monsoons.

The new record was set as deadly heat waves continue in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and other parts of Southeast Asia.

For a global view of global warming issues, visit the Climate Map.

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