“Can People Live in Fire?*” Record Heat Is Making The Middle East Unlivable

Scorched Landscape Suggests The End Times Have Already Begun In The Middle East

[This post is based on original stories in the Washington Post, The Independent (UK), the Guardian (UK) and ScienceDaily.com]

A vast area of the planet that American’s neither like nor understand is in the midst of an extended global warming crisis that will ultimately overshadow the horrors of the religious wars that seem to define this forsaken region.

From Morocco in North Africa to Iraq and from Syria to the Persian Gulf, the unusually hot temperatures of the previous decade have now jumped to a higher level that is bringing the region to the threshold of human endurance. In many places, the inhabitants simply don’t leave their homes during the day and businesses close for days at a time. Touching a metal object may sear your flesh.

Because of the multiple and shifting conflicts in the area and the general lack of interest by most news organizations, it is impossible to say how many people are dying.* There are 500 million humans living in the Middle East and Northern Africa, about one seventh of the world population.

Some sample stats:

  • Heat indexes in the UAE and Iran hit 140 F degrees
  • Jiddah, Saudi Arabia reported an all time high of 126 degrees F (actual temp)
  • Basra, Iraq broke the all time record for the Eastern Hemisphere with 129.2 degrees F on July 22.
  • Mitirbah, Kuwait also reported a record 129.2 F.
  • Israel and Morocco continue to break heat records.
  • In Baghdad there are twice as many days with 118 F temperatures or higher than in 1970.
  • The already stressed water supplies in the region (and around the world, for that matter) are running out as drought drives over-pumping of groundwater.
  • As fresh water supplies dry up, rising sea water is simultaneously moving inland.

Scientists say this is only a warm up to a future that will see places become unlivable in the foreseeable future. Perhaps many places, perhaps sooner than you think.

As new patterns emerge in the coming decades, life will first become even more unbearable for the long-suffering lower end of the economic spectrum. Allah has not been kind to all of his people. Meanwhile, the wealthy hole up in air-conditioned towers paid for by petroleum. As a result, the refugee crisis – which is due to climate change as much as it is to wars – will go from horrifying to apocalyptic very soon. The well off nations of the world will be faced with bleak choices: let tens of millions of people die by forbidding them entry or allow a huge influx of “the other” into Western nations already experiencing culture shock of their own.

It should be fairly obvious that those who hold the reins of power in the West have already begun demonizing the thirsty masses who will soon be at our doorsteps. Is it because they adherents to the wrong patriarchal religion, or because of their swarthy nature? Will we kill them outright, impound them in ever growing “camps” or simply allow them to starve to death or die of thirst?

As we post this story, NASA reports that July 2016 blew away all global heat records for the fifteenth consecutive month and the Arctic region is in the midst of what might be considered a climatological collapse. California is evacuating 82,000 more refugees from wildfires while Alaska and Siberia burn. Africa, Central America, India are in the midst of famines caused by drought. Regions are disparate as Europe and Louisiana have experience flooding that would normally occur once every thousand years. But normally is not normal no more.

Perhaps the Book of Malachi holds some answers.

* Iraqi citizen Arkan Farhan, quoted in an August 10 Washington Post article by Hugh Naylor.
**It is the opinion of the Catastrophe Map Editorial Board that Americans don’t really want to know. They want to talk about family values and Taylor Swift.

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